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Server Administration.
Robust office server solutions from Stellar SOS

Our server management service offers reliable and secure support and management services for any type of Unix and Microsoft server infrastructure in corporate datacenters.
When you choose Stellar SoS as your server administrator you are getting a lot more than just a list of promises and credentials. Your picking a partner that has your interest close to heart. We believe that our business is best served by ensuring yours works like a well-oiled machine. That’s why we do things a little differently, we keep your important systems reliable and we secure.
We believe in preventative maintenance, we solve issues before they become your problem.

Our services are tailored to be a complete solution. With the security of professional backups and the comfort of knowing your IT infrastructure is regularly maintained. We strive to work with you, not just for you because something has gone wrong.


  1. Periodic and real-time scanning for vulnerabilities on network devices. Identify potential security vulnerabilities and resolve them.
  2. Track and report all user activity on critical network infrastructure. Identify suspicious activity and take corrective action
  3. Proactive and timely installation critical patches and manage configurations of all your network devices. Helps prevent downtime and intrusions.


We provide following services in this domain

  • Linux Server Administration
  • Windows Server Administration
  • Web Server and Mail Server Administration
  • File Server Management
  • Domain Name Server Administration
  • Directory Services (ADS & LDAP) Administration
  • Business Applications (CRM, VRM and HRM) Server Management
  • Database Server Administration
  • User and Group Security Administration


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